Wishing Shelf Finalist!

I am pleased to announce that Five Fathoms Beneath was chosen as a 2018 finalist in “Adult Fiction” for the Wishing Shelf Book Award!

A lot of book awards feel like they exist to take the author’s money. Not all of them by any means, but it’s very hard to separate out the legit. I did a lot of research before I chose to enter Five Fathoms Beneath in the Wishing Shelf Award. I picked this particular award program because the organizer, a children’s book author (Edward Trayer, pen name Billy Bob Buttons), runs a really solid, author-oriented award program with solid criteria and a good track record of choosing strong books as award winners. The entry fee is more than reasonable and there’s even a Facebook group for announcements. This is one award program I can definitely recommend to other writers looking to get their book out there.