Five Fathoms Beneath – A Novel.

Anticipated release date: Fall 2018.

Approximately 390 pages (100,000 words); literary/general fiction.

First-person point of view.

On the cusp of manhood, Brose Serafeim’s life seems perfect—he lives in picturesque Western Australia, he has a lovely fiancé, and he is poised to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a hero in a white coat as a cardiologist. Brose owes no small part of his success to his famous father, Alec, a gentle and idealistic pediatric heart surgeon who lives by a simple moral code—do good and be good. Brose believes in his father and that code the way he believes in oxygen or gravity. But when Alec shatters Brose’s perfect world by acting in a way Brose can neither forgive nor understand, Brose is left foundering amidst an existential crisis and clinical depression, unsure not only who he is, but who his father was. Brose’s journey to rediscover his ideals and understand Alec will test Brose not only physically but emotionally and will ultimately lead Brose to redefine what a hero is.

A twist on Loren Eiseley’s famous essay, “The Star Thrower,” Five Fathoms Beneath is a life-affirming literary novel set against a realistic medical backdrop and mixed with a dash of magical realism.



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