Five Fathoms Beneath – A Novel About Losing and Finding

Anticipated release date: June 12, 2018.

Approximately 380 pages (99,500 words); literary/general fiction.

A man finds thousands of stranded starfish and begins gathering and tossing them into the ocean. When another complains the effort is futile, for he’ll never save them all, the man replies—it matters to this one.

An ordinary Saturday morning on the world’s ragged edge turns extraordinary for eight-year-old Brose Serafeim when he accidentally witnesses his father, Alec, a cardiothoracic surgeon, save a man’s life with open-heart massage. In the eyes of his son, Alec seems a superhero with a white coat for a cape, and Brose expresses his interest in becoming a doctor just like his father. Both flattered and dismayed, Alec explains what Brose saw was rare; a doctor can never save everyone. “Nevertheless,” Alec says, “you have a choice. You choose to toss starfish, or you choose to turn away. I hope you’ll choose to toss starfish.”

Alec’s words launch Brose on a heart-wrenching journey of losing and finding—a journey which sees Brose lose Alec in the most terrible way, only to find him again in an extramundane world, and a journey which sees Brose lose his path after plunging into an abyss of depression, only to rediscover the light. Part realistic medical drama and part an adult coming of age story, mixed with a dash of magical realism, Five Fathoms Beneath is the sad and quiet, but ultimately life-affirming, tale of a man’s journey to understand and forgive his father, and to find his place in the world, tossing one starfish at a time.

Five Fathoms Beneath is slated for a release in June 2018.


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