Five Fathoms Beneath – A Novel.

Anticipated release date: Fall 2018.

Approximately 380 pages (99,800 words); literary/general fiction.

An ordinary morning running errands turns extraordinary for eight-year-old Ambrose Serafeim when he accidentally witnesses his father Alec, a cardiothoracic surgeon, save a life. The event is life altering for Brose—overwhelmed by Alec’s near superhuman ability to bring a man back to life using just his hands, Brose decides he will become a hero in a white coat like his father. But when Alec does something Brose considers unforgivable during Brose’s last year of medical school, Brose is left floundering in darkness and facing an existential crisis, questioning not only who he is, but who Alec was. Brose’s passage back to the light will test him in ways he never could have pictured, taking him into the depths of clinical depression and into a mystical world where Brose redefines what he considers a hero to be.

A sad, yet ultimately life affirming, literary novel with a dash of magical realism, Five Fathoms Beneath is a realistic medical drama about suicide, forgiveness, redemption, and the importance of how we treat each other.



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