An Apple a Day…

This young ring-billed gull was quite proud of his find. Taken at Huntington Beach, Lake Erie, Ohio. 

It's really cold here on the North Coast!

Avon Lake Fishing Pier, Avon Lake, Ohio. 


The Route 82 Bridge over the Cuyahoga River. Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

No, I am not amused.

This young, and rather rumpled, green heron was most definitely *not* amused by me.

Hope Memorial Bridge

Although my novel mostly uses fictionalized versions of real places and entirely fictional places (there is no Stirling University or Mercer Medical Center, and these places are not deliberately intended to invoke any real place), a pivotal scene in my novel plays out on the Hope Memorial Bridge, known locally as the Lorain Carnegie Bridge. Here are some photos of …

Greenie-saurs Rex

Greenie as Fierce Vulture

I always loved when Snoopy did his “Fierce Vulture” persona in the Peanuts comicstrip. Here’s a young green heron doing his impression of “Fierce Vulture.” 

Why do they call them "green herons," anyway?

They don’t show off their color very often, but in the right light …

Checking the flight gear.

It’s always *very* important to do a full safety check before taking off.

Where to see Green Herons.

So where are good places to see green herons? Green Herons can be found over *most* of the continental United States during the summer; they are limited in the winter to warm weather climes, like California, Florida, and parts of South Carolina. Green herons generally don’t live in the “Rocky Mountain” states; they would be very rare in Wyoming, Idaho, …