No, I am not amused.

This young, and rather rumpled, green heron was most definitely *not* amused by me.

Greenie-saurs Rex

Greenie as Fierce Vulture

I always loved when Snoopy did his “Fierce Vulture” persona in the Peanuts comicstrip. Here’s a young green heron doing his impression of “Fierce Vulture.” 

Why do they call them "green herons," anyway?

They don’t show off their color very often, but in the right light …

Checking the flight gear.

It’s always *very* important to do a full safety check before taking off.

Look at me, I'm a giraffe!

A green heron pretends to be a giraffe. Although they are more often seen with their necks tucked, green herons have incredibly l-o-n-g necks.

One of those days.

We’ve all had them … It’s been one of those days.

Where to see Green Herons.

So where are good places to see green herons? Green Herons can be found over *most* of the continental United States during the summer; they are limited in the winter to warm weather climes, like California, Florida, and parts of South Carolina. Green herons generally don’t live in the “Rocky Mountain” states; they would be very rare in Wyoming, Idaho, …