Liz Jansen's "Crash Landing"

In this beautiful memoir, Liz Jansen — an avid motorcyclist — explores the idea that life is about the journey, not just the destination. Part travelogue, part a life history, part inspirational and self-help book, and part historical chronicle, Liz’s sweeping and life-affirming story explores several important and hearty themes. Dealing with fear. Finding yourself. How to acknowledge where you came from and how to be respectful to your past when your own views are different. Finding meaning in your own way. Keeping family close while still being true to one’s self and one’s own sense of identity. A story can easily crack under the pressure of tackling so much weighty material, but as one would expect of an experienced motorcyclist, Liz has an instinctive sense of when to switch gears, and as she takes us on a lengthy and winding journey along the “Ancestor Trail,” she deftly weaves together these themes into a coherent tapestry that leaves the reader feeling positive and hopeful. 

In sum, “Crash Landing” is a sincere and authentic memoir with an adventurous spirit that successfully blends a road trip with historical fact, spiritual self-discovery, and a dash of magic. The result is a book which is as lovely and unique as the woman who wrote it. Highly recommended for fans of memoir, those looking to tag along on a special journey of self-discovery, or for anyone who just wishes to spend a few hours with a great and potentially life-changing book.

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