Interview with Esther Rabbit

Esther Rabbit is the author of Paranormal Romance, Lost in Amber, digital marketing specialist, and content creator for upcoming authors.

She aims to assist writers in the journey from writing to publishing their books through a series of articles and interviews with authors and professionals in the writing industry.

This author and self-proclaimed tech-geek documented her every step, resulting in a series of articles available to the curious eye on her website:

From getting an idea for your next novel and tackling your first draft to working with a professional editor and nailing that perfect book cover design, Esther Rabbit is set to make a difference in the industry.

Find Esther on:

Twitter: or @rabbit_esther

Instagram: or @esther.rabbit

Introduce yourself! Who are you?

Rabbit. Esther Rabbit. Among others, I’m a writer, comic-book fan and domestic slave to my cats.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about writing their first book?

Writing a novel is hard work, for some it’s the writing itself, for others maybe it’s finding time to write or looking for divine inspiration.

Everyone struggles and there’s a recipe for success for every author out there, you just have to stay on top of the game, get involved, get informed and be persistent in your endeavors. Procrastination is the enemy.

If you have a cool idea for a novel, develop it, don’t drown it by thinking the particular concept you have in mind has already been exploited or it’s too similar to many other things out there. Whatever you decide to write will most likely have an audience, so keep at it!

Tell us about your latest book.

When reading around 80 pages from my first draft, my best friend Laura said Lost in Amber is like when Star Wars meets Sex and the City.

My mouth fell open and blurted “But… but you haven’t read any sex scenes! I understand there are steamy bits but…” and Laura was quick to reply “It’s not about the sex, it’s about the girl power!”.

That was an instant ego boost, it meant I got it right and felt like a very comforting pat on the back.

Lost in Amber revolves around the adventures of three friends who get the cold shoulder the very same week, dumped by their boyfriends, served divorce papers, the works. While dealing with the royal mess that is heartbreak, one of them discovers that she’s actually been genetically altered with enhancements foreign to her world and that’s when the real action begins. And the romance, so stay tuned for that 🙂

It’s a story sprinkled with fantasy, sci-fi and fiction, without actually losing touch with reality.

I’m excited to bring this story into the world!

You can go out to dinner with any fictional character—be it from your book, another author’s book, television, film, etc. Who would you go out with and why?

I’d gladly attend a Marvel wedding and spend some time debating over the differences between communism and socialism with Tony Stark.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby managed to create the perfect businessman/superhero (Christian Grey, eat your heart out!).

Much like Batman, Ironman’s strength stands in the beauty of his logic and his unique perspective and outlook on strategy.

It would be spectacular, right?

Where do you do your writing?

You’re not going to like this, when at home, I write on the couch. I know it sounds uncomfy but far from it.

Because I am a traveler, Lost in Amber was written in at least three different countries and quite a number of cities, on planes, trains, in hotel rooms and in bars.

 For this particular book, what part of the book was the easiest to write?

I’m gonna say it loud and proud: love scenes! Steamy scenes & love scenes, are right up my alley, although the first kiss had me stuck for nearly three days.

My main characters in Lost in Amber are discovering they’re falling for each other and it comes like a shock to both of them, considering it’s nearly impossible to develop a relationship.

I wanted to gracefully depict that moment when instinct and attraction take over logic and they surrender to each other. Achieving that contrast was no easy task.

For this particular book, what part was the most difficult to write?

Fight scenes are my nemesis although I tried to rise above the situation. I had to watch fighting videos, research specific moves, etc.

It’s weird, but I kind of liked standing up to the challenge and being competitive with myself.

What is your favorite thing about being a writer?

Today, I’ll say the writing community. All those amazing writers on Twitter and Goodreads who are being supportive to each other and giving back far more than they expect to receive, who get involved and solve your doubts, who take out of their time to cater to others. They’re the real heroes.

That’s the recipe for success actually, when embarking on this journey, you suddenly find you’re not alone and it’s not about you and your novel anymore, it’s about how you can give a hand.

To all those amazing people, please get in touch with me, I’d love to promote your work to the world!

 Have you ever struggled with writer’s block?

Here’s the downside of being a pantser (you know, those writers who type without a previous outline), the surprise factor has many creative benefits but it also gets you terribly stuck sometimes.

That’s when you have to step away from your novel and research your topic even better or just read something else entirely until your mind gets back in the right place.

I want to wish everyone good luck in their endeavors, I have my fingers crossed for all of you!