J.R. Alcyone is the pen name of an author and photographer and lover of all things green heron. (If she had to be an animal, she would be a green heron.)

She lives in the American Midwest with her parrot and plecostomus catfish. A cancer survivor, a runner, and a confirmed introvert except when it comes to talking about the Civil War or birds (in either case in which she will talk your ear off), she also is an avid quoter of attorney Lionel Hutz from “The Simpsons.” In her spare time, she likes to study American history, listen to Pearl Jam, and star gaze. She posts her photography frequently on Instagram as The Green Heron,  as well as on Flickr, and has a BA from a small college where she majored in history and philosophy, with a minor in government. Five Fathoms Beneath – A Novel About Losing and Finding is her first (and hopefully not last) novel.


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